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- Interior & Exterior

- Commercial & Residential

- Festivals & Events

- Creative and Custom Designs

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Fine Art

- Surrealism & Realism

- Animal & Human Portraits

- Natural Landscapes

- Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Graphite &           Color Pencils, & Mixed Media

- Canvas, Paper, Wood



- Sign Painting

- Logos & Text

- Basic Interior & Exterior Painting

- Wall Treatments

A Liight One is someone who embraces, becomes and spreads Light.
This doesn't mean that there is never "darkness" or that everything is always positive.
It just means that there is the effort being made to give the best of our Self as much as possible, in hopes
to inspire others to do the same.
It's the strike of a match within that will spread and ignite the world beyond.
"Be the [light] you want to see in the world."

Are you a Liight One?

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